Poetic Reality

From the sizing of the canvas to the manufacture of pigments and mediums, the artist masters all the stages of oil painting. Isabelle Delannoy’s compositions blossom to the rhythm of a sensitive work declined in delicate and warm harmonies that she exalts in her series telling a story, an evolution on the same subject inviting the “viewer” into a poetic reality in which the structure of the whole is essential.

The Creation of Adam

The lower part of the painting is under construction, we can see the
underlying charcoal drawing and drips in places, as the eyes rise,
the flowers are well formed and the vegetation seems to flourish harmoniously. As if it were an elevation … towards something better, almost perfect …

The 2 branches at the top right do not seem to reach, will they joint together or not ?

A wink to “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, this masterpiece is particularly famous by the detail in which the index of God, seems to reach Adam’s one without touching it, and God gives life to Human …

Here, those two branches represent the blossoming of Nature …

Création d'Adam,  200x200 cm Oil on canvas - Sold

Creation of Adam


Bouquet aux Lys - Oil on canvas 100x100cm - Sold

Bouquet with lilies

Oil on canvas – 100x100cm

The composition is in 2 parts, such as the Yin and Yang. The bouquet of lilies sits on the left part of the composition and subtly disappears in the right part under a “screen” allowing the flowers to partially show through. The painting is a game like in life where the real sometimes mixes with the unreal, the secateurs left at the bottom right remind us that the flowers have just been torn from their source but that they will continue to live in another source. , another medium, oil …

Roses - Oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm - Sold
Chinoiserie - Oil on canvas 81x60cm


Huile sur toile – 81x60cm

Floral landscape. The bouquet seems to strike a pose in this Chinese vase which gives the whole a precious touch, accentuated by the fact that it is set in a frame with wide edges. The landscape at the top left is a revealing abyss of a third dimension, giving the viewer to escape to faraway places.

The horizon of this landscape is sprinkled of pink color, echoing the pink flowers. Note that this small landscape really exists. This small oil on canvas measures 14.5 x 27.5 inch. The artist who does not wish to separate the 2 works, is offered it with “Chineseerie”

L’envolée - Oil on canvas 100x100cm - Sold
Pot en Zinc - Oil on canvas - 65x100cm - Sold

Zinc pot


This painting is part of the series “Poetic Reality”. Using the mirror in the background, Isabelle Delannoy creates multiple dimensions bathed in a poetic universe. The play of reflections between the mirror, the zinc pots and the gradual transparency Chinese red glazes in the foreground give us a chimerical vision of reality.

L’Envolée - Oil on canvas 48x48cm - Sold
Miroir de Vénus - Oil on canvas 48x48cm - Sold

 Mirror of Venus

Oil on canvas – 48x48cm

Let us leave Latin, Greek and their colors to focus on the beauty of this flower of the Campanula family “the mirror of Venus” which finds its reflection here in the mirror. Antiquity is not far off, however! The goddess of the same name has inspired painters, writers, sculptors and… botanists.

L'Envolée Lyrique - Oil on canvas 100x100cm - Sold
Table with model 1/2 - Oil on Canvas - 100x100cm

Model table 1/2

Oil on canvas – 100x100cm

The palette is soft and delicate. This bouquet composition here gives full place to the table which becomes the model. The movement is suggested by the tablecloth that sculls at the bottom, and the evanescent flowers on the left seem to stand out from the bouquet asif to suggest movement as well.

Table à modèle 2/2 - Oil on canvas - 100x100cm - Sold

Model table 2/2

Oil on canvas – 100x100cm

"Flowers in Workshop 182" - Oil on canvas 70x70 cm - Sold

Flowers in Workshop 182

Oil on canvas – 70x70cm

The floral composition scents the eye. The powdered flowers are generous and delicate. The rotating movement of the branch on the top left brings a dynamic to the whole and the one on the right which escapes from the composition an opening towards an elsewhere…

Harmonie 1sur2 - Huile sur Toile de 146x114 cm - Vendu
Harmonie 2sur2 - Huile sur Toile de 146x114 cm - Vendu