Floral Scenes

Isabelle Delannoy is particularly fond of floral subjects. She calls them her floral landscapes. Landscapes because she does not just represent a bouquet but a bouquet that fits into a space as if to tell a story.

Her interest in flowers comes from her interest in nature, as many painters find nature an inexhaustible subject.

Fleurs du bien N°1
Delicatesse - Oil on canvas 35x27 cm - Sold
Eucalyptus Gunnii, Oil on canvas 100x100 cm
L’Orchidée Sauvage - Oil on canvas 100x100cm - Sold
Bouquet à l'orange - Oil on canvas - 100x100cm
Bouquet de pivoines et boîte de peinture - Oil on canvas 50x35cm - Sold
Bouquet à l'Orchidée - Oil on canvas 100x100cm
Branche de cerisier du jardin - Oil on canvas 18x56cm - Sold
Branche de cerisier - Oil on canvas 13x35cm - Sold
Roses - Oil en canvas 40x23cm - Sold
Composition aux Pots, Oil on canvas 100x100 cm - Sold

Composition with pots


The foreground offers us a magnificent bouquet in yellow tones, the second plan a succession of milk jugs and the third plan with its 2 seaside landscapes suggests depth. The bouquet and one of the pots are reflected in the mirror that we discover afterwards as the gaze is captivated by the yellow of the bouquet and the landscape of the third dimension. The palette is warm and composed of ocher tones, and sienna.

Roses Blanches - Oil on canvas 65x46cm - Sold
Le Berceau de la Vierge - Oil on canvas 33x46cm - Isabelle Delannoy Peintre - Sold
Bouquet aux coquelicots - Oil on canvas 64x55cm - Sold
Fleur Royale - Oil on canvas 81x60cm - Sold
Coquelicots - Oil on canvas 27x35cm - Sold
La Dame aux Camelias 1sur2 - Oil on canvas 60x20 cm - Sold
Nature aux Pots, Oil on canvas 60x90 cm - Sold

Nature with Pots


This powdery-toned bouquet was made in the studio of the painter and only came out very recently. The bouquet blooms in majesty over the entire surface of the painting and the broom branches bring a very springy note to the whole. The bottles in the foreground suggest a human presence and the glass roof in the background opens us to a third dimension.

Composition aux pots - Oil on canvas 46x23cm - Sold
Le Berceau de la Vierge - Oil on canvas 51x41 cm
Bee, Oil on canvas 100x100 cm



The floral composition fills the eyes. The powdery flowers are generous and delicate. The rotary movement of the branch at the top left brings a dynamic to the whole and that on the right which escapes from the composition an opening towards another place … Life is at its center with the Bee which peacefully forages the flower on which she landed. The touches of blue respond to each other and structure the composition, giving the eye time to get lost, to escape in this blue from the left.

Harmonie Bleue 1/2 - Oil on canvas 40x32cm - Sold
Harmonie Bleue 2/2 - Oil on canvas 40x32cm - Sold
La Dame aux Camelias 2sur2 - Oil on canvas 60x20 cm - Sold
Petit vase bleu - Oil on canvas 33x19cm - Sold
Coquelicots dans le vase - Oil on canvas 34,5x27cm - Sold

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