Landscapes of Venice


Isabelle Delannoy invites you on a journey through a series of oil paintings made in Venice in the spring of 2019. From Rialto to Salute, from San Marco to Piezzetta, via the Fish Market, you will
discover or rediscover these wonderful views which make painters dream so much, but also travel lovers.

Those series made on the motif has been completed with a larger format work built in the calm of the workshop entitled Grand Canal, Nocturne, Venise – Oil on Canvas 65×100 cm

Arrivée sur Venise par la Lagune - Oil on canvas 23x68 cm - Sold
Grand Canal, Nocturne, Venise - Oil on canvas 65x100cm - Sold

Grand Canal, Nocturne

Oil on canvas – 65x100cm

La Piazzetta, Venise - Oil on canvas 32x49 cm - Sold
Ponti di Rialto Oil on canvas 27x35cm - Sold
San Marco, the Basilica, Venice - Oil on canvas - 19x32cm
Statue du Collione en Bronze exécutée par Andrea del Verrochio - Oil on canvas 35x27cm Sold
La Salute vue du Grand Canal, Venise - Oil on canvas 46x55cm
San Giorgo di Maggiore - Oil on wood 27x35 cm - Sold

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